Welcome to my family history website


I do hope you enjoy browsing through my family history and that you find something of interest to you. This website gives only the name of people who are alive and information on births, marriages, and deaths for people who are known to be deceased. People who were born over 105 years ago are assumed to be deceased.

I started looking into my family history in 1994 using a computer program called Pedigree. I had learned to use it helping my mother-in-law Ruth Shaw to record her family tree which she kindly allowed me to include in my family history tree for the benefit of her grandchildren. I now use The Master Genealogist, the best genealogy project management software available, which was given to me by my son, Neville. When I started my family history my first goal was to find the names of all twelve of my mother's siblings and this led me to Thelma James, a long lost first cousin. She got me started and gave me so much help and encouragement that I haven't stopped since.

My interest has taken me to many places including, Attanagh, Ballyouskill, Brotherton, Castleford, Charlestown, Colindale, Durrow, Doolin, Dublin, Enniskerry, Goole, Grennan, Hedon, Hull, Kew, Kilmacanogue, Kiltealy, Knottingley, Lincoln, London, Loughton, Louth, Lower Grennan, Mablethorpe, New Ross, Old Clee, Peterhead, Rosbercon, St Dennis, St Stephens, Templetown, Truro, Tullow, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow and Winslow and has given me so much joy and brought to me many new friends and many lost cousins.


Not only have I made new friends and contacted cousins across the world but I have been given so much help by others to whom I am deeply indebted for their generosity and time. Some of them are listed here but there have been so many over the years that there's a good chance that I have overlooked someone. If I have it's not because I'm ungrateful or that I have not valued what they have done. It's just that I haven't kept a careful enough record of who has helped me and I only have my memory and some papers to remind me. I have good reason to be grateful for all the help given to me by: Sheila Adams; Johnnie Bailey; David Blake; Sally Bowditch; Judith Brooke; Angela Broome; Nancy Buckley; Maureen Burton; John Burton; Peter Butler; Brendan Byrne; Mr & Mrs Campbell; Hetty Carter; Sister Cathaldus; Blanche Charles; James P Coghlan, Solicitors; Deirdre Conneely; Carol Dawson; Dermot Dorgan; Julie Dorgan; Mem Dunphy; Fergus Farrell; Ted Finch; Betty Fitzpatrick; Dick Fitzpatrick; Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Carol Flannery, Leandra Ford; Ron Gosney; Mary (marafeh); May Graham; Jim Herlihy; Sylvia Heron; Geoff Hodgson; Colin Hodgson; Rita Holroyd; Thelma James; 'Joanne'; Anne Johnson; Margaret Kells; Nick Leach; Sister Helen McGing; Sara McGinlay; Jane Mills; Andrew Mooney; Andrew G Mooney; Bill Mooney; Bridie & Jack Mooney; Di Mooney; Lila Mooney; Mary Ann Mooney; Neville Mooney; Niamh Mooney; Paddy & Kerrie Mooney; Marlene Moore; Sheila Morton; Julia Mosman; Philip Murphy; Susan Old; Sarah Pearce; Nicky Rossiter; Denise Priddy; Miriam Reed; Tom Reed; Barbara Seabright-Moore; Ernie Shaw; Ruth Shaw; David Simpson; David Smith; Gill Stead; Linda Styles; Sue Traynor; Joan Varley; Richard Varley; Cortina Watmore; Miriam Wilson; Tina Woodhouse Vezzetti.

How you can help

If you find any errors of any kind please let me know. If you have any research, stories, memories, photos or memorabilia that you would like to share please contact me by email.


This website contains the results of my research to date excluding details on living people. The details are limited to the information I have about births, marriages, deaths and burials and some photographs. Not everything this website contains is complete or certain but is as good as I have so far been able to discover. Should you use any of the information for your own family history you need to verify it for yourself to avoid perpetuating any mistakes or speculative connections that I have made. I always seek to verify my sources but the task is a long and detailed one and is not yet complete in all respects, especially for some of the earliest material.


The contents of this website are protected by copyright and I ask you to respect that. Where the copyright is mine, I will give you permission to use the material in your own family history but not for any commercial purpose. Commercial purpose here encompasses placing the material on any website which contains advertising. I have been as careful as I can not to infringe the copyright of others but, if I have, I will gladly remove the offending material or acknowledge it if it is brought to my attention.

And finally…

For access to the rest of my family history you need to go to my other website which is password protected. To obtain a password email me with your reasons. Please be aware that passwords will only be given to family members and collaborating researchers and that I reserve the right to withdraw access at any time without notice. In this context 'family members' includes cousins who are outside what are normally considered to be 'close' and 'extended' family.

My third website is all about my apprenticeship in the RAF. Click on the link below to see it.

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