Elizabeth Mary Mooney c. 1890
Elizabeth M Angleton (nee Mooney) Daughter of John Mooney. Her husband is said to have died of hardship in the Boer War.
Patrick Joseph Mooney Another photo outside the family shop at 9 South Street New Ross probably in the 1950s. The shop had by then changed its name from 'Kennedys' to 'The Orchard'. He would spend hours every day standing at the door engaging passers-by in conversation.
Patrick Joseph Mooney Outside Nolan's shop opposite the family shop at 9 South Street New Ross probably in the 1950s.
Mary Josephine Mooney (nee Kennedy) Second wife of Patrick Joseph Mooney of New Ross. She was a staunch supporter of all things Irish.
Elizabeth Harding Sister of Hannah Mooney (nee Harding). She lived in Dublin.
Judith Dowling (nee Mooney) She was the daughter of William Mooney and the Principal of the Girls' School at Attanagh. Her husband was the Principal of the Boys' School at Attanagh.
Father John F Kennedy This is the only surviving likeness of him. It was printed as a supplement to the Wexford People a week after he died.
Mary Josephine Mooney (nee Kennedy) She was only four feet eleven inches tall. Her hair was still jet black in her seventies and she used to stand on it to amuse her grandchildren.
John Mooney Retired from the RIC and went back to live on the family farm in Attanagh. When he grew old none of his sons wanted to take over the farm and he couldn't pass it to a daughter so it went to John Dorgan husband of his daughter Judith Esther Mooney.
John Dorgan with his wife Judith Esther Mooney (left) and his sister-in-law Elizabeth Mary Angleton (nee Mooney). The boy is his son Sean L Dorgan.
Margaret Mooney, Richard and Mary Collins Mary Downey, Tom and Ellen Hanlon, Jack & Andy Mooney, Jimmy, Mona Mooney & Andy Hanlon, 2 Regan children. c. 1930, Grennan, Attanagh, Co Laois.
William Mooney Son of John Mooney of Attanagh. He married Hannah Harding and lived in Dublin.
Sarah Mooney First wife of Patrick Joseph Mooney of New Ross. She died a few weeks after giving birth to her only child, John Mooney.
Patrick Joseph Mooney (my father). He ran away to sea at the age of sixteen to get away from his father and fetched up in Hull on the Humber in Yorkshire where he met my mother.
South Street, New Ross. This framed photo was found in a shop in New Ross about 1996. You can just see the doorway of my grandmother's shop on the right. In the original you can aslo see 'Ken' which was my first clue that the shop came from my great grandfather.
Mooney Family Grave Headstone in the graveyard of the Church of the Assumption, Balliosukill, Co Laois.
Father John F Kennedy. His gravestone in Wexford churchyard. The elaborate stonework was subscribed to by the parishioners who held him in special regard. He died aged 32 from an infection while attending the sick during a period of widespread illness in the town.