All ready for the Mooneys
Tony's Chart
Bill Mooney's welcome address
John Griffin giving his talk
During Bill Mooney's introduction
Bill Mooney (right) and others
During Bill Mooney's introduction
Jack Mooney (centre) and others
Tom Gately (right foreground)
Judith Mooney, Brian McPhilips and others
Niamh Mooney (right) and others
Judith Mooney and who?
Who? Luke McCarthy, Margaret Fitzgerald
Margaret Fitzgerald and others
Aoibhe Mooney? and others
Getting a close look at the display
Tony's chart
Seamus and Mary McPhilips
Nianh Mooney and Brian McPhilips
Margaret Fitzgerald and others
Niamh Mooney, Brian McPhilips, Margaret Fitzgerald, Bridie Clifford, Seamus McPhilips
Margaret Fitzgerald, Bridie Clifford and others
Bridie Clifford, Margaret Fitzgerald, Niamh Mooney, Brian McPhilips, Seamus McPhilips and others
Seamus McPhilips, Brian McPhilips, Niamh Mooney, Margaret Fitzgerald, Bridie Clifford
Luke McCarthy
Luke McCarthy
The Lowtone Trio
Brian McPhillips reciting his poem 'Pebble'