Following the distribution of the reunion video Theresa Dalimata sent her cousin Bill Mooney photos of her family in America. Bill Mooney has kindly allowed them to be displayed here.

Annie (Dalimata) and Phil Spradeley with Killian, Bella and Christopher
Theresa Dalimata with her daughters Celine & Deirdre Rome Nov 2009
Celine (Dalimata), Tyler and Zita
Celine with her father on her wedding day
Back: Madeline, Danielle, Joseph, Jacinta/Tamir, Tyler/Celine/Zita, Jake, Nick, Theresa/Chris, Deirdre, Jessica/Charlie, Neil

Front: Ava, Natalie/Emma, Rita
Taken at the Dalimata Ranch
Deirdre Dalimata
Jacinta (Dalimata) and her husband Tamir and their first two children
Lake local to the Dalimata ranch
Colleen Mooney with her daughter Ann
Gerald Mooney & Colleen August 1983 at Theresa's wedding
Gerald Mooney and Margaret August 1980
Reception on the new ranch July 2012
Theresa Dalimata and her daughter Anne at Anne's wedding Sep 2000.
View from the Dalimata ranch